About Us

Over 30 Years Experience

Since 1985

Decades of experience helps us understand what really is important to our customers.  They want cabinets that reflect quality and craftsmanship, durability and practicality.

In order to deliver on those points, we have invested in specialty equipment and tools.  We are proud to say that our Milton, NY shop is able to produce not only a variety of stunning cabinets but also moldings, raised panels, drawer boxes, doors, shelving and more.  And because we offer a complete kitchen delivered to your home directly from our shop, we can finish your cabinets in a color of your choice and finish spray it with furniture grade lacquer. 

 We offer a complete kitchen, delivered to your home.

What can you expect if you contact us for a consultation?  The first contact can simply be about what you want and some basic measurements. You will then receive an estimate and if that was aggregable to you, we can draw up a CAD design of your new kitchen with your final price.  After a date is agreed upon and a contract is signed, the work can begin.

Contact us and you will soon be enjoying your new kitchen.

Burt Avila

Founder, Master Cabinet Maker

Meet the owner, Burt Avila.

I’m originally from California. My love for woodworking started in Morro Bay High School in the early 1970’s.  In 1985 my family moved to the New York area where I turned wood working into a business.  In the beginning I would take any wood working jobs that came my way, but soon I focused my attention on kitchen cabinetry.

It is always good to see some of the kitchens I built 15-20 years ago still looking and working great.

Over the years I’ve learned that you must pay attention to the details and do them right.  With every kitchen cabinet order there are hundreds of details that need careful attention.  Taking care of the details, no matter how small they are is truly what makes a great kitchen.

I have also learned to slow down and start over. It is especially true when I’m having a bad day and I cut the wood too short or I damage the door or even break a glass mirror.  Slow down and start over.  Sure it costs time and money but the results speak for themselves.

It is always good to see some of the kitchens I built 15-20 years ago still looking and working great.  It proves we’re on the right track.