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Superior Cabinet Materials

At Woody Woodmakers, we only build kitchen cabinets cases with 3/4 inch cabinet grade plywood.  Our drawer fronts and face frames are always constructed with solid wood.  To raise profits it is understandable that many cabinet shops will use-MDF products, particle board, or thinner plywood in their cabinets.  We prefer to use thicker ¾ inch high grade plywood that adds to the rigidity, quality, and strength of the cabinet boxes.

Custom Cabinet Solutions

One size does NOT fit all.  Sometimes storage spaces cannot fit a prefabricated cabinet from the popular hardware stores.  These companies focus on standardized mass production and many times avoid specialty items such as pull out garbage bins, pull out spice racks, pantries, corner cabinets, lazy susans and the like.  Many smaller manufactures lack the skill set to create solutions for unusual spaces.  We produce better quality custom designs with solutions that fit any space requirement.

Cabinet Finishes

Modern cabinet finishes are trending toward lacquer based black or white paint, pickle, oil base stains, lacquer with several available sheens, and sealer coats. Woody Woodmakers offer all of these. Choosing the correct finish and keeping it consistent is a professional skill needed for both new and reburbished cabinets. A Woody Wood Makers consultation will help you choose the perfect finish.

Cabinet and Drawer Hardware

Cabinet hardware offers many options. Not all soft closing hinges or self-closing drawer slides are quality built and durable. Often cabinet hardware is not visible. Many cabinet makers see this as a chance to cut costs. We do not. Contact Woody Woodmakers for high quality cabinet hardware based on tested experience.

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Custom Made Cabinetry

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